Upcoming BCI Events


Digital Asset Liquidity, Exchanges, and ETFs

September 26 | New York, New York

BCI's invite-only roundtables dedicated to fostering collaboration among top global investment officers and furthering disruptive technology growth. Our September panel will focus on digital asset exchanges, liquidity, and ETFs. Topics will include the current state of digital asset markets and liquidity and the future of digital asset custody.



October | New York, New York

Join our curated invite-only investor discussion to learn more about opportunities in artificial intelligence, supercomputing, and security. BCI's global community will engage in an open-ended panel discussion with industry experts, innovators, and investors in technologies and threats that are changing the world around us. The roundtable will be complemented by expert insights from our media partner Wall Street Journal Pro.


Digital Asset Portfolio Growth, Banking, and Custody

November | New York, New York

Following the demand for our September Roundtable, join us to further explore digital asset portfolio growth, banking, and custody. This will entail three open-ended panels for a deep dive with industry experts, innovators, and investors in this emerging asset class. Recent regulatory rulings and case studies on recent funds will shed light on the infrastructure of blockchain and barriers that remain.

recent bci events

Fundraiser for Arts with Blockchain

July 25th, 6-9pm | 32 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

The fundraiser celebrates the launch of BCI Roundtables, created to help investors demystify blockchain through education, transparency, and targeted business networking. Industry experts and investors will explore blockchain's impact on Arts and Culture, in particular: 1. Moving existing visual arts to blockchain for security and tracking 2. Emerging and AI generated arts on blockchain (such as CryptoKitties) 3. Utilizing blockchain technologies to protect artist’s rights and compensation


BCI Summit 2018

June 11-12 | 125 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment Summit is devoted to educating investors about investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The event will feature renowned speakers from some of the industry's most successful crypto technologies and will be comprised of investors, innovators and scholars as well as government regulatory officials.


The Evolution of Bitcoin And Digital Asset Lending

March 27th, 6-9pm | 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018

As the blockchain industry matures, opportunities to diversify and profit through lending Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to increase. New mechanisms are emerging that can allow investors to lend Bitcoin, allowing them to hedge, short, or otherwise capitalize on the growing digital asset classes while diversifying holdings and lowering risk. Recent wild swings in prices continue to make cryptocurrency lending a mystery for some and a fearful proposition for others. But it actually presents a unique opportunity.


Institutional Investment and Adoption of Blockchain

Feb 27th, 6-9pm | 394 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

While the retail investor landscape quietly experienced explosive returns on what is now the most talked about digital technology since the internet boom, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies had been largely ignored by institutional investors. As new financial instruments gain traction on futures and other exchanges, removing transaction and storage risk, digital holdings have finally started to find their way into more and more portfolios. Join us for a special panel which will dive into institutional involvement in digital assets as well as industry adoption of blockchain.


Bitcoin Investment Strategies and Regulations

Jan 31st, 6-9pm | 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018

As adoption of cryptocurrency assets increases and institutional investments begin to flow into the market in mass quantities and billions of dollars, the landscape will continue to change dramatically. New opportunities, instruments and strategies offer greater profits, more security and lower risks.

Join us for two panels with some of the industry’s most experienced and renown experts as they cover a series of critical topics and answer important questions for investors on Bitcoin investment strategies and regulations.


Economics of Crypto Assets

Dec 5th, 6:30-8:30pm | 122 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

The rise of blockchain assets has become a global movement, and regulation may seem an uphill task. Join Arturs Ivanovs, CEO, and Founder of FIC Network, a fixed income infrastructure for blockchain assets, along with some of the top crypto-analysts to discuss the regulatory landscape and the roadmap ahead. Special guests from Turing Funds, a newly established fund with the mission to fill the gap between institutional investors and blockchain based digital assets.