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Evening Panel


Digital Asset Liquidity, Exchanges and ETFs

In preparation for BCI Summit May 2019, we invite our global investors to participate in our invite-only roundtables. This will entail networking with industry peers (VCs, family offices, UHNWs, HFs) as well as select disruptive technology companies.

Who we are
BCI was established to provide trust, transparency and targeted networking in the disruptive technology space.
We ensure that long-term relationships are cultivated and maintained within our global community.

26th September 2018, 6:00-9:00pm

Midtown Manhattan,
New York, New York

6:00-7:00pm - Welcome Reception & Networking
7:00-7:30pm - First Speakers Panel
8:00-8:30pm - Second Speakers Panel
8:30-9:00pm - More Networking

1) Current state of digital asset markets and liquidity

2) Accuracy of reported liquidity

3) Anticipated changes in liquidity with institutional participation

4) Hedging liquidity and volatility risks in digital asset markets

5) Future of digital asset exchanges and opportunities

6) Effects of ETFs and regulatory changes on digital assets

7) The future of digital asset custody




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Digital Asset Liquidity, Exchanges and ETFs