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March 29-30 | New York, NY


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have grown to nearly a 300 billion dollar market in just a few years
and are expected to soon reach trillion dollars

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
Investment Summit

Dedicated to educating institutional and individual investors
on safe and strategic cryptocurrency investing

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Mark Lynd

Advisor, IBM Watson Data Council, Exec Advisor, Memories Alive, Advisory Board, SMU

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Michael Bucella

Global Head, Strategic
Partnerships & Business Development,
BlockTower Capital

speaker image

Ajay Yadav

Founder & CEO of Roomi,
Forbes 30 under 30

speaker image

Michael Kapilkov

ICO Adviser,
Partner at datrixo

speaker image

Ariana Simpson

Early stage investor,
Top 40 Women of Bitcoin

speaker image

Sean Keegan

CEO, Digital Asset
Strategies, Crypto
Hedge Fund

speaker image

Robin Lee

CEO of HelloGold,
Ex-principal officer for
SPDR Gold Trust ('GLD”)

speaker image

Joseph Checkler

Director of Media Relations,
previously The Wall Street
Journal reporter

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Kevin R. Chen,

speaker image

Gil Mendez

Chief Investment Officer,
Red Ivy Capital

speaker image

Camila Russo

Markets Reporter,
Bloomberg News

speaker image

Nikhil Kalghatgi

Chief Investment Officer,
CoVenture Crypto

Areas of Focus

Main focal points include analysis research and presentations on



Top researchers demonstrate valuation techniques utilized to model underlying value of crytocurrencies



Analysts and investment managers explain cryptocurrencies' inter-dependence as well as their pricing dependencies



Strategies to diversify cryptocurrency investments, balancing and allocation techniques



Strategies to protect cryptocurrency investments in case of a downturn or market correction



Accounting specialists and industry experts share reporting requirements, techniques and strategies



Security experts discuss risks, threats as well as safety steps and requirements for protection

Speaker Panels

Leading industry experts discuss key topics

Profiting from crypto volatility and arbitrage

Digital asset
diversification strategies

Building crypto portfolios with
highest alpha

State of US and global regulations

Future of crypto payment/trading technologies

Institutional investment and adoption of blockchain

Altcoins valuation

of commodities

Investing IRAs into crypto and blockchain

Global impacts on cryptocurrency growth

Taxation, structures and reporting

How VCs valuate crypto opportunities

Participants Will

Industry's founders, leaders and experts explain the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, block chain, platforms, networks, technology importance as well as future expectations. Topics are covered in depth yet from a simple-to-understand perspective to ensure all audiences are up to speed.
Bitcoin is just one of the cryptocurrencies and platforms with tremendous potential to change the world. While Bitcoin grew roughly 1,700% in the past two years, others have grown over 20,000% and 40,000%. Members of the founding teams will discuss strengths and weaknesses of each technology as well as their acceptance and potential around the globe.
It is no secret that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have certain risks associated with them. Security experts discuss risks associated with creating accounts, platform risks, hot and cold storage risks, transaction risks as well as methods to secure and obtain insurance against them.
As the acceptance landscape for cryptocurrencies changes across all governmental organizations around the globe - so does the opportunity for growth and investment. Field experts closely associated with various organizations including the White House, IRS and SEC discuss recent changes and expectations across the organizations.
Meet and network with some of the leading investors and investment managers in the country. Panels, roundtables and various networking opportunities ensure that attendees have the opportunity to expand their networks, gain industry insight, and benefit from opportunities from their peers and successful investors.

Cryptocurrencies Covered


Industry Insights

Preliminary Agenda

Updates made routinely. Please check back latest news and changes.

Time Activity Access
9:00 am VIP Roundtables breakfast w/ speakers VIP
10:00 am State of Bitcoin and crypto markets All
10:40 am Digital asset diversification strategies All
11:20 am Future of crypto payment/trading technologies All
12:00 pm Lunch and networking All
12:40 pm Institutional adoption with IOTA All
1:20 pm Building crypto portfolios with highest alpha All
2:00 pm State of US and global regulations All
2:40 pm Profiting from crypto volatility and arbitrage All
3:20 pm Blockchain growth All
4:00 pm Institutional investments in blockchain All
4:40 pm Taxation, structures and reporting All
6:00 pm VIP Roundtables Dinner w/ founders VIP
Time Activity Access
9:00 am VIP Roundtables breakfast w/ speakers VIP
10:00 am AltCoins valuation techniques All
10:40 am Technology inovation presentations All
11:20 am Tokenization of commodities All
12:00 pm Lunch and networking All
1:00 pm Investing IRAs into crypto and blockchain All
2:00 pm Global impacts on cryptocurrency growth All
3:00 pm How VCs evaluate crypto startups and ICOs All
4:00 pm Future expectations, key issues and timing All
5:00 pm Closing remarks and reception All

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