BCI Summit Quantum

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November | New York

Strategic Partners

Investment Summit Participants Include

Areas of Focus



Quantum computing, communications, security and other quantum tech



AI and machine learning, as can be empowered by quantum and other hpc developments



Technologies that stand to greatly benefit from the advancements of AI and Quantum

Key Speakers


Day 1

09:20 am

Introduction and Welcome Address

09:30 am

The future of biotech and genetics

10:30 am

Changing trends in insurance with AI and big data

11:30 am

The next wave of FinTech with deep learning AI

12:30 pm

Near-term use cases in quantum computing

01:30 pm

Quantum hardware advancements and opportunities

02:30 pm

Changing landscape and risks in cybersecurity

03:30 pm

Future of privacy, security and sharing of personal data

04:30 pm

Opportunities and risks in advanced cloud AI

05:30 pm


07:00 pm

VIP Dinner Reception

Day 2

11:00 am

Founder's Networking Brunch and Panels

02:00 pm


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