Join our private networking organization of leading global C-level investment managers, researchers and corporate leaders who are dedicated to furthering disruptive technology growth. Our global community of investors, researchers and innovators are at the forefront of driving industry adoption in technologies that are changing the world around us. We operate on a strict invite-only policy to ensure no solicitation of products or services and that everyone's interests are aligned.

What We Offer

  1. Networking with leading C-level industry investment managers and decision makers
  2. Open-ended panel discussions and Q&A with global leading technologists and peer investors
  3. Interactive online communication and collaboration tools
  4. Opportunities to grow and promote your research, department and organization


  1. Complimentary invites to BCI and partner events, when available
  2. Speaking and panel participation opportunities
  3. Access to BCI's global community and networks
  4. Partnership opportunities
  5. Assistance with growth and expansion

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